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My 2015 Postseason Playoff Predictions

The regular season is about to begin in Major League Baseball. I included a lot of stuff in my postseason awards blog that I decided to add an additional blog for my predictions (or at this point somewhat educated guesses) at the 2015 Playoffs. Let me start by reminding you of the final standings I’ve […]

My 2015 National League East Predictions

Continuing with my March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers, it’s my National League East Predictions blog. This is the first time I’ve done a division at a time predictions. The team at the top of the NL East seems to be a unanimous choice but after that it gets all messy  1.  Washington Nationals […]

Predictions Time

Predictions Time

The March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers is to put out there in blog form our MLB predictions for the upcoming season.  I normally do this on my own each year, but this is the first one I’ll be publishing, so here it goes. AL East: Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays (WC) New […]

Three Down, Eight To Go For 11 in 11!

Many folks outside of St. Louis did not think I would be here writing today about a Cardinals victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.  I didn’t even know.  I just had lots and lots of hope.  I was glad to see lots of others jump onto the Cardinals bandwagon.  I have not been able to afford […]

Angry Birds, Turtles, and Braves, Oh My!

Up until now I have written about stuff that has happened in the past, but this 2011 St. Louis Cardinals story was something that is just incredible to anyone outside of Boston, Tampa Bay, or ESPN. The Cardinals game back from an 8.5 game over the Atlanta Braves to win the Wild Card.  Tampa Bay […]