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We Finally Have an Answer

We Finally Have an Answer

Do you and your family always get asked that same question over and over again? You know what I mean. No? Ok, I’ll give you a few examples. Some friends of ours were dating for the longest time and of course the question they got asked all the time was, when are you getting engaged? […]

2 Years for the Blog, 15 for the Boy

Wow! Are you telling me it’s been two years since I have started writing this blog? That was a magical baseball season for the St. Louis Cardinals. This past week has reminded Cardinals fans how this team seems to find a way to win. These next six weeks plus of baseball are going to be […]

Vacation Reflection and Thoughts Part One

This year’s trip to Northern Pines was different. I knew this from the get go. It ended up being a very good different. Our normal 7 hour trip took about 8.5 hours after being caught behind a wreck just north of Springfield, Illinois on Highway 55. I will never forget the city at the next […]

Cooking – Rum Pound Cake

Those who know me, know I have a passion for cooking.  So inspired by other bloggers and especially Diva of Delicious, I have decided to start posting some blogs regarding cooking.  I will post some recipes that are mine or inherited from others.  If this looks like some other recipe, it is not intentional. So […]

Grateful Dad

I have to say I am a pretty lucky guy.  My son Josh is a good kid.  He’s smart, athletic, a leader, and a good example for other kids.  What worries me are the times ahead.  I remember my difficult teenage years.  I know that me and my wife have given Josh a better foundation […]

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Some of you may not know that there are really twelve days to Christmas.  The 12 days mark the time from Christmas to Epiphany.  Epiphany is the time the Wise Men came to deliver their gifts to the baby Jesus.   For more information read Matthew 2: 1-12.  Some cultures celebrate Epiphany with a King’s Cake […]

Christmas Letter

This is my Christmas blog.  It is going out to over a thousand or so people who have read this little blog already.  If you got a Christmas card from us, you may recognize some of the content here. Our year started by going to Disney World with our friends the Rohmans and Millers.  Was […]