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2015 St. Louis Cardinals Preview

Yeah I know there has been one game played in this season already. I felt I still have time to write my Cardinals individual preview for the year. The 2015 Cardinals bring with them an energy, a mission. Many of them were not happy with the way the team was defeated in the 2014 National […]

My 2015 Postseason Playoff Predictions

The regular season is about to begin in Major League Baseball. I included a lot of stuff in my postseason awards blog that I decided to add an additional blog for my predictions (or at this point somewhat educated guesses) at the 2015 Playoffs. Let me start by reminding you of the final standings I’ve […]

My 2015 Awards Predictions

The last of my five blog predictions series for the United Cardinal Bloggers is here, or is it? I get to be in top guessing mode here with my awards thoughts. There will be a bonus blog tomorrow with my Postseason predictions. I have might have given you a few hints in the previous blogs […]

My 2015 National League Central Predictions

Continuing with my March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers, it’s my National League Central Predictions blog. I will be doing an extensive Cardinals preview blog next week, so here is my brief take on them and the rest of the NL Central. 1. St. Louis Cardinals – The Cardinals seem to be the unanimous […]

In The End, It Was a Good Year

I was among many local bloggers and or writers that picked the St. Louis Cardinals to go to the World Series.  I believe most of them did it with a biased heart.  They were filled with hope.  Call me maybe a little guilty of that myself.  I thought there would be little drop off.  That […]

What Jack and Darryl Did For Cardinals Nation and America

Next week will be the 10 year anniversaries of the deaths of Jack Buck and Darryl Kile. 10 years.  Wow.  I remember these events better than some things I did last week.  It took the Angels coming to town for the first time in their history to take Jack Buck up to heaven.  I remember […]

Is Cardinals Nation Spoiled?

Recently, a few of us have noticed that on Twitter, people are whining about the St. Louis Cardinals.  I mean not just your Tyler Greene haters, but the people who are saying we should overhaul this whole team now.  Sheesh people, it’s just the start of June.  Injuries have hit this team pretty hard and […]