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The Right Thing is Seldom the Easy Thing

Yeah, it’s been a long time since I have written a blog. You may be wondering why I choose today to start back into it. Well I blame someone my wife knows somewhat well and I probably only have shaken his hand. His name is Derek Glanvill. I have been slowly reading Mike Matheny’s book […]

Wisconsin Bound

I don’t think I have ever taken a vacation that has lasted over a week or ten days at the most. I seem to remember splitting them up. Well I will be leaving July 25th to start a vacation that will take me all the way to August 9th. That’s 16 days. Sixteen days away […]

Announcement Time

You all know I never promised you a regular blog before. I am not a normal blogger. But then again what is normal? Winter has been very busy for me work wise. The weather conditions affect my job as well as VIPs who want to pay you a visit. Ok, enough with the excuses. You […]

Who Said Things Go As Planned?

You all remember me? I am Jeff White, I am a part time blogger. I went on vacation a few weeks ago. Here I was thinking that I might have time to write a blog or two while on vacation, write one after telling you all about the wonderful things that have happened, and give […]