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If I Could Go Back to Any Game

The January United Cardinal Blogger project is a fun one. If I had a ticket and a time machine which game in Cardinal past would I attend? I went to the last regular season game at old Busch Stadium and the first at the new Busch. I got to experience the final game of the 2004 World Series. I saw Albert Pujols’ first game at Busch and Mark McGwire’s last. In my heart I had two choices left; to see Lou Brock’s last game or Game 7 of the 1982 World Series. I chose the World Series game because I actually remember that one.

In 1981 in a divided strike altered season, the St. Louis Cardinals had the best overall record. They did not make the playoffs due to the split standings that decided that year. There was lots of excitement going into the 1982 season. At one point in the offseason of 1980 the Cardinals had both stud closers Bruce Sutter and Rollie Fingers on their roster. Fate had it that Fingers would get sent to the Milwaukee Brewers along with Pete Vuckovich and Ted Simmons. The Cardinals would meet them again in the 1982 World Series. Fingers did not get to pitch in the World Series due to an injury.

I was a young boy. I listened to Cardinals games in the backyard with my Grandpa. We watched the Saturday Game of the Week on NBC. I think I got to go to one game all season in person. But the playoffs were all on TV. The World Series featured then young local St. Louis native Bob Costas doing in game reporting for the first time. This is TV back when there were only 6 channels to watch at the most. Willie McGee was leading the Cardinals as a rookie with his homeruns and jumping catches. I remember staying up through the rain delayed game 6 and John Stuper’s magnificent performance leading into game 7. He pitched a complete game despite over 2 ½ hours of rain delays. My mom let me stay up and watch every World Series game. I was 12 and in 6th grade.

Game 7 was a rematch between Joaquin Andujar and Pete Vuckovich. Andujar pitched seven strong innings and Bruce Sutter finished the rest of the game then ended in the arms of World Series MVP Darrell Porter. It was a great game with the silent leader George Hendrick giving the Cardinals the lead in the bottom of the 6th and they never looked back winning the game 6-3.

The Hug

The Hug

Why that game? The Cardinals were underdogs. The Brewers were the mighty powerful Harvey Wallbangers with their 216 homeruns while the Cardinals only had 67. Whiteyball was the Cardinals mantra. That was solid pitching, great team defense, aggressive base running, and all around manufacturing runs. This was a Midwestern city battle World Series. They referred to the series as the Suds Series since both towns were huge beer producers. The Cardinals swept America’s team, the Atlanta Braves to get to the Series. I wanted to be there in person to see the marquis on the scoreboard that made me cry as a boy. It simply said ‘WE WIN’.


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2015 Winter Warm-Up Preview

With the weather warming up here in St. Louis, I have decided to get back to this blogging thing. Let’s just say it was better for me not to blog during the month of November. Between being busy at work and not really being able to share my opinions, I silenced my own public forum of opinion. Christmas got me busy and involved with friends and family. It was a good time to step away.

This weekend marks the 19th annual Cardinals Care Winter Warm-Up at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch Saturday, January 17th through Monday, January 19th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) with appearances from nearly 70 current and former Cardinals players. For the most complete schedule and up-to-date Winter Warm-Up information, visit cardinals.com/winterwarmup. This year I will again be working in Operations wearing the hat pictured so say hello if you see me running around. Most of my work will be behind the scenes but I frequently walk the crowds to check on things. Throughout the Winter Warm-Up, fans can stay connected by following the Cardinals on Twitter (@Cardinals), Facebook (Facebook.com/Cardinals) and Instagram (@Cardinals) for the latest news, event updates and behind-the-scenes content. Each day, the team will have Twitter Interviews with players, exclusive videos, photos and more. Fans should join the conversation, and share their own photos and experiences by using the hashtags #CardsWarmUp, and #CardsCare.

My 2015 Winter Warm-Up Hat

My 2015 Winter Warm-Up Hat

I am excited about the upcoming season already. Jason Heyward, Jordan Walden, and Mark Reynolds are enough to get me excited. My hope is that the Cardinals do not go all in for another frontline starter and let Marco Gonzales win the 5th spot in the rotation. He should beat out Carlos Martinez for the job and Martinez can stretch at Memphis or be another late inning option. I hope to never see Jaime Garcia pitch in the regular season for the Cardinals again but I am expecting to see that at some point this year or he will get dumped.

If you will be at the Warm-Up say hi. If not, follow it on social media. I will post what I am allowed to and hope to have a wrap up blog sometime next week.


Movember 2014

Last year in November I grew a mustache. It did not look good. When it came in it had grey hair, annoyed the corners of my mouth and I just looked funny with it. That doesn’t matter to me because this November I am growing it back and inviting anyone I can to do the same thing. You know October is breast cancer awareness month. Well November, or should I say Movember (1) was created to change the face of men’s health.movember The Movember Foundation has raised over $550 Million to date improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems. The Movember Foundation challenges men to grow mustaches during Movember to spark conversation and raise funds for men’s health programs.

It’s simple and mostly meant for the male race but we all know that the ladies will have a lot to say about it. There are Five Rules (2) and they are: 1. Sign up on the website and join my group ‘Knights of the Mustache Table’

Unofficial Knights of the Mustache Table logo

Unofficial Knights of the Mustache Table logo

(3). I am not asking for money, I just want more people to know about the foundation. I want you to be part of the 4 million mustaches that have been grown worldwide. 2. Shave your upper lip clean November 1st and grow and groom a mustache for the whole month. 3. No fakes! No beards, no goatees, no taping fuzz to your lip. 4. Use your experience and interact with people when they ask about your mustache during the month. Raise awareness on men’s health and show them how much you care about your fellow man. 5. Conduct yourself like a gentleman. Be a model and proud Knight of the Mustache Table. 6. Share with me your experiences. Men need men to support themselves. I want to be here for you.

This shouldn’t be hard. Convince your significant other to let you shave your upper lip bare and just grow a mustache for the month. Share with others why you are doing it. Share with me your experiences. Please join me.

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Can They Beat The Royals?

Jeff’s 2014 postseason sing a long continues with a request from Kansas City. The artist is Lorde, and the song is Royals. Sing with me… Can they beat the Royals? Royals….

Apparently no one can beat the Kansas City Royals this postseason. Not the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game. Not the Detroit Tigers and their starting pitching, Not the Baltimore Orioles and their team of injury replacement studs. So who would think the San Francisco Giants stand a chance? Not me. Well I am thinking the Giants will win a game or two, but nah, how could you pick against this team?

I mean the Giants did an outstanding job getting past my St. Louis Cardinals, but the Cardinals to me weren’t expected to be there. Who knew the Kershaw Curse would continue so like I have said before, we were in bonus time. I hoped we’d beat the Giants, but I wasn’t shocked when we didn’t. So let me explain my hope for the Royals getting past them.

Josh's Frank White Royals Shirsey

Josh’s Frank White Royals Shirsey

What other team in Major League Baseball has had a player with the last name of White (Frank White) wear the number 20 besides the Royals? None that I know of, which is why I became a distant fan of them growing up. You know you’re from Missouri when Ozzie Smith from the Cardinals and George Brett from the Royals did Vess commercials. This was brilliant marketing back in the day. Get the whole state to be a fan of both teams. It worked on me. I have been to Kauffman Stadium recently and when I was younger. It was the only way I was going to see the big bad New York Yankees as a kid. There are even a few Royals items spread around my basement.

You can argue over which city has the best food but I will take both. Nothing beats good Kansas City BBQ from Oklahoma Joe’s and Jack Stack. San Francisco has Fisherman’s Wharf and In-n-Out so debate as you wish. I won’t go into other city debates but let’s just say I have been to both and enjoy both of them.

I will be saying Go Royals for this series not only because of those fun stats that are out there but the reasons above just to name a few are even more important to me.

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It’s All About the Cards!

Sing with me: ‘It’s all about the Cards, bout the Cards, no Dodgers’

Find me an expert that predicted the Cardinals would beat the Dodgers with 10 of their 12 runs being scored on homeruns and I will show you someone who you need to take to Vegas. Find me one that would have also predicted the Nationals would give up two earned runs in their series and lose and I will show you the ocean front property my sister owns in Arizona.

Excuse me for my happiness since my St. Louis Cardinals advanced to their 14th National League Championship Series. I didn’t predict it. Didn’t think we would have enough offense. Boy was I wrong. Or at least wrong in the 7th inning against Clayton Kershaw. His Earned Run Average in the 7th inning in that series was 134.93. Clayton Kershaw is the first pitcher in Dodger history to lose 4 straight postseason starts. It’s not like the Dodger bullpen did much better.

Anyway, on to the LCS predictions. Baltimore Orioles will beat the Kansas City Royals 4-3. This should be an epic series. They are two really great teams that are playing right now with no big stars. I am hoping this will be an Adam Jones coming out party for the rest of the world that doesn’t know how good of an all round player he is. Keep an eye on the young Royals bullpen. They will either dominate or blow up.
I think there is not much that the San Francisco Giants can do to stop this Cardinals train. They will win one or two so Cardinals in six is my prediction. I think Buster Posey will become more disliked in St. Louis and there will be a walk-off win in this series.

I only have one team left (Baltimore) from my original four picks. That is why they play the games.

Sing with me again: ‘This lineup is just so perfect, from the bottom to the top’

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My 2014 Postseason Predictions

The regular season has come to an end in Major League Baseball. The last day had thrills from Division clinchers to Derek Jeter and Paul Konerko’s last hurrah. We say goodbye to two classy guys leaving the game of baseball a better place than when they entered the league. It’s time to move onto the playoffs that start Tuesday with the American League Wild Card. This could be a fun ride and many of my fellow St. Louis Cardinals fans may not agree with my predictions. If you don’t agree, write about it in your blog.

Let me start with the American League. The Kansas City Royals host the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game Tuesday. I am giving Oakland the edge in this one game. Kansas City may have had the series edge, but with just one game to win, I will give the edge to Jon Lester and the Oakland A’s. The A’s will then head to Anaheim and take the Angels to five games but fall short. Should be a great ALDS. In the other series, the Baltimore Orioles should handle the Detroit Tigers in 4 games. The Orioles will find a way to survive the Angels in seven games to win the American League crown.

In the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates will host the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday. The Pirates are hurt. They are falling apart at the wrong time. Giants are just too much for them this year and this game may not be close. The Giants go on to lose a four game series to the Washington Nationals as they are the best team in the National League. And here is when I say I am sorry Cardinals fans but this offense does not have enough in it to beat the talented Los Angeles Dodgers. The best team (Nationals) goes to take on the most talented team (Dodgers) and the talent wins this round as the Dodgers are also focused.

So it’s the Baltimore Orioles against the Los Angeles Dodgers in my predicted World Series. I don’t see much stopping the Dodgers train this year except some foolishness amongst the players and I doubt that will happen. Dodgers win in 5.

Will these predictions happen? Who knows? But it is fun to think about what might happen and then see what actually does. That is why so many of us love the game of baseball.

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Fall TV Time!

Really, my 100th blog is about TV? Wow! I am excited about my shows this year so I just wanted to share with you all.

Life is busy. Josh is busy will school, fall baseball and life. The St. Louis Cardinals are in a playoff push. The St. Louis Blues have started their preseason. The other big thing to happen this time of year is that fall TV is back. We watch a lot of TV in our house. We have to DVR a lot due to our busy schedules but I thought I would go thru day by day and explain the shows we watch when we have time. Very few shows are watched live until baseball season is over.

On Monday night we are DVRing both The Big Bang Theory and Gotham at 7 and The Blacklist at 9. We tape them all because Monday nights are for Monday Night Raw in our house. Wrestling has always been big for us and we subscribe to the WWE Network. I’ll flip to Monday Night Football if it’s exciting, but that’s rare. The Big Bang Theory is our favorite comedy on TV right now and The Blacklist is one of our favorite dramas. I love James Spader in the Reddington role.

On Tuesday nights we tape or watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I will try to catch Forever on demand if we get a chance. The Flash may get a few views from us based on the superhero angle, but we are not set on it yet. We love the stories that Marvel has brought together in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and you cannot miss this show. Each episode is important to each character’s story and they even tie into the movies. We highly recommended that show. Forever just seems to intrigue me. Not sure it will catch on, but we shall see.

Wednesday night’s TV schedule leaves a lot to be desired in our household. We will catch The Goldberg’s when we can as we like the 80’s throwback show. It reminds me of a newer version of Wonder Years. We used to watch Nashville, but it has become a little soap opera like and predictable so we may just flip there to catch the good music. We also have TNA Wrestling and Duck Dynasty to flip to live but we DVR the latter.

The Big Bang Theory will move from Mondays at some point back to its old Thursday slot so we will watch it or tape it depending on schedule. Other than that it is another night of light TV viewing for us. New comedy A to Z tempts me a little, but nothing exciting. Probably just catch up on other shows or flip over to WWE Network and watch NXT.

Both shows we like on Friday nights are on at 7 so both are scheduled to record right now. They are Last Man Standing and Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Both are funny shows we love. Tim Allen is stuck with girls and their crazy significant others on Last Man Standing. Well done show. We have been watching Who’s Line for years but recently started taping new episodes and enjoy the new Aisha Tyler hosted version. Would like to see Undercover Boss come back sometime as you gotta love feel good TV.

Saturdays aren’t for new shows. If we are old and lazy on a Saturday night and Mizzou isn’t in primetime we will catch up on shows. Usually we try to get together with friends on Saturdays since we all have more time.

Sunday night TV had now become interesting in the White House. Our favorite show on TV right now is probably Once Upon a Time. If we are home we will watch it live. Lyn did not like having to wait to watch it On Demand so now it is set up on the DVR along with a new show called Madam Secretary. Oh we will watch that show. When one of Lyn’s longest friends, Tracy Mercer, is an Executive Producer, you better believe we will watch it. All the reviews look great on it but it will be interesting how well it will do with a goofy start time some weeks as the second show after football.

We tape a lot of shows. That is because sports are first. If you lived in St. Louis with the Cardinals and Blues, you would do the same thing. Enjoy the new shows on and share with us your favorites.


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